Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'm getting published (again!). I only just recently got 'the email' from Scrapbook Creations telling me that one of my digital LOs was chosen to be published and now I just got another from SC about a different digi LO. Both LOs were done for the BB digi CJ. I'm so excited!!

I've subbed quite a few of my paper LOs but have never heard back and now my digi LOs are getting noticed! Thing is I only have about 5 of them!! Seems like I'm going to have to do more digi! I love digi LOs - they don't go faster but I do have access to a lot more resources that are all free!

I've been crocheting steadly and now have 23 squares for my jacket. I'm itching to do something different and am planning to make some Christmas presents but I'm not so sure how family members will react to them.

College is going well. I stayed home today as I'm sick but plan to go back tomorrow. There appears to be a lot more reading than there was last year. I'm ok with that but I really need to get better before I can begin to concentrate on it all.

I'm using OneNote this year for all my notes. I either scan the paper class handouts or download them and plug them all into this one program - I'd like to be paperless but there are so many bits and pieces of paper that are not that necessary but you still need to keep but if I scan them all it I won't have much RAM left over for all the digi scrapping files!! :)

I'm preaching my very first sermon in second term - on Romans 3. I'm excited but also terrified! At least it's not some fluff Psalm. That's what I was hoping I wouldn't get!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Making progress

I've been scrapping like crazy this morning because there are only three days left for the EDM comp on BB - the FK comp ends at the end of March but to get a free album from BB I need to finish by the end of Feb.

I've only got three left to go - the last three for the Feb - 'Hobbies and Creativity'.

I've also been crocheting like crazy too! The squares for the jacket have been piling up. I had to get Nathan (DH) to figure out for me the sitches as I couldn't work out how a square spiral worked?! Nathan's mathematical knowledge comes in handy all the time!!

College starts back properly tomorrow so it will be back to the grinding stone for real very soon. We had our 50% Hebrew exam on Friday and I think I did pretty well. There were only a two questions I had a great deal of trouble with.

Nathan's parents have been visiting us this weekend and it's been lovely catching up with them. Nathan's mum loves crafty things as well - she's a potter and has her own gift shop in Mudgee - so it's nice sharing crafty things with her because she 'gets it'.

We were able to pop over to Arts Stamps in Ryde. Small shop but so cute! I picked up some white ink - not sure what that will work on exactly but I'm excited to use it!!

Scrapoffaith had a cyber crop last night but the internet wasn't working well so I couldn't participate then. The challenges are still up on the forum so there is still time to join in a bit.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My first CAL

I'm joining in on my very first CAL - a Crochet A-Long.

I'll be doing it with the lovely ladies at CrochetVille

I'll be eventually making this

I've got some fabbo dark green Sirdar wool from my granny's stash and am still working out all the conversions to Australian terminology.

Here are some colour ones already done by some ladies at Crochetville


I'm not sure if I'll make the longer sleeve length - I don't like how it bunches up on the red one near the wrist.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So much to do!

Well, we've gone back to Bible college and had our first week of our Ancient Hebrew Intensive. We have a 50% exam next Friday so most of our time has been taken up with studying. We start studying here at home at 6:30am and leave for college about 9am. We come home around 3pm and then study till 10pm.

On the train to college I've been listening to a few of these podcasts: CrochetCast
It's been a very new experience for me as I've never listened to podcasts but I thought they were great! It's beats doing Greek or Hebrew vocab on the train! Whilst listening to the podcasts I made stack of little hearts for Valentine's Day last week. I've got them up on the wall but I might make a garland out of them.

Last week I also made this: as my wallet was too big to fit in my pockets and with the rush at train stations it's too much of a hassle to stop and get my wallet out of my backpack when I want my train ticket. I'm going to pretty it up some more yet. Maybe some crochet embroidering.

This is my nearly completed top that I've been working on for a few weeks. It's my first time following a pattern and it's more complicated that I thought it would be.

I'm currently also working on stuff for the house like printing, framing and hanging photos, revamping some drawers and painting some shelves.

I'm starting some really cute looking scarves from CrochetMe.

Like this one
this one.

I made this bracelet a few weeks ago for a friend but just haven't gotten around to posting it to her. The pattern is from Interweave Crochet.

Just today I cut out the squares for a swap I'm involved in on BlueBazaar.

The idea is to make 9 squares using media transferring techniques like of photos as well as add other sewing, stamping etc techniques. I'm planning to dye the squares and add some sewed and crocheted motifs.

Friday, February 9, 2007

First and Last

My very first LO done at a scrapbooking store in Coorparoo, Brisbane and my latest one.


I started scrapbooking in 2005 because I wanted to make my sister a 21st album. I succeeded in making the album and along the way learnt a lot about the scrapbooking world and also tapped into my childhood jealousy of my mum and sister who were both far more artistically talented than I was.

I think I'm over most of that jealousy.

I've found scrapbooking to be incredibly frustrating at times and yet liberating, especially with the Freestyle and Doodling movements. I often get the urge to scrapbook but am then usually thwarted by lack of time, lack of resources and most more than often, lack of creativity.

I press on, though because I do enjoy it. Digital scrapbooking has abolished at least one of the above obstacles: resources. I look forward to scrapbooking in the middle of a theology class this coming semester.

Point of blog

This blog is not to record my everyday ramblings. I've been thinking a lot about what I do and I'd like to do more, basically. I'm a theological student and I love delving into God's word and finding out more and more, however, I'd like to explore the other side of me - the creative side.

I've got the student part down nearly down pat, albeit I do procrastinate an awful lot. I want to do something else that will hopefully add more balance to my life and this blog is an attempt at recording this 'journey' as well as sharing it to whoever's interested.

I'm not suggesting that I am half student and half scissors-happy arty-farty woman but that I want to be a better student and I'm hoping that by doing something else alongside my study will encourage me to have a more structure and better planned day that will in the end be more productive and more useful to God.