Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'm getting published (again!). I only just recently got 'the email' from Scrapbook Creations telling me that one of my digital LOs was chosen to be published and now I just got another from SC about a different digi LO. Both LOs were done for the BB digi CJ. I'm so excited!!

I've subbed quite a few of my paper LOs but have never heard back and now my digi LOs are getting noticed! Thing is I only have about 5 of them!! Seems like I'm going to have to do more digi! I love digi LOs - they don't go faster but I do have access to a lot more resources that are all free!

I've been crocheting steadly and now have 23 squares for my jacket. I'm itching to do something different and am planning to make some Christmas presents but I'm not so sure how family members will react to them.

College is going well. I stayed home today as I'm sick but plan to go back tomorrow. There appears to be a lot more reading than there was last year. I'm ok with that but I really need to get better before I can begin to concentrate on it all.

I'm using OneNote this year for all my notes. I either scan the paper class handouts or download them and plug them all into this one program - I'd like to be paperless but there are so many bits and pieces of paper that are not that necessary but you still need to keep but if I scan them all it I won't have much RAM left over for all the digi scrapping files!! :)

I'm preaching my very first sermon in second term - on Romans 3. I'm excited but also terrified! At least it's not some fluff Psalm. That's what I was hoping I wouldn't get!

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  1. Congratulations of the acceptances of your digi layouts. You will have to let us know what edition of the magazine they are in so we can all have a peep.
    Please to hear that you have settled back into college and good news about your first sermon. Will be praying for you.