Monday, April 30, 2007

Prayer life LO

A digi LO done for Scrap Of Faith's Cyber Crop on Saturday night.

Some rambling thoughts about prayer that I also posted up on Scrap Of Faith:

"We had Phillip Jensen (dean of St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, Sydney - brother of Peter Jensen - archbishop of Australia) give us a chat today on mission - he spoke a little about the balance we have to strike between praying and having our prayers shape contentment in our lives or the more charismatic way of claiming God's promises. Both have extremes and can both be heresies. You need to be content but also believe that God will answer prayers.

what is at stake is God's sovereignty. Do you believe God can answers prayers? Yes - but do you also think that God will also not answer prayers? Yes - he is God and can do anything he wants. I find that claiming prayers and demanding answers is telling God what to do - and in the light of Job - "who is this who darkens counsel with words without knowledge ?" (Job 38:2) I choose to not challenge God!"


  1. You know what a close friend told me once that has stuck so closly...Don't put God in a box. Meaning, don't say something isn't possible because when Gods hands are at work ANYTHING is possible!

    Hey, thanks for listening to the podcast.


  2. I completely agree Marly - whenever someone asks at college, 'Can God...' one lecturer always interrupts them and says, 'Yes, God can.'