Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Newsboy hat

I've been enjoying my 'recovery days' from Mission. We have two days off this week and then back to college on Wednesday.

I spent yesterday crocheting. Literally all day except for going out for lunch with Nathan and a brief shop at Coles. All day! I *loved* yesterday. We got to watch Spiderman 2 and the rest of The Fellowship of the Rings and the first disc of The Two Towers.

I made another shelly scarf, a newsboy hat, a fluffy beanie and nearly finished another one skein scarf from Happy Hooker.

Here's a shot of me in the newsboy hat. Nathan loves this hat and I do too but I feel like it's a bit too big. If I make another one I'll try a more chunky yarn and might decrease it a little more when I'm nearing the end so it sits tighter on my head.

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