Saturday, May 5, 2007

One Skein Scarf - Happy Hooker

I spent my entire monthly budget for all my hobbies and what not (just $50/month) yesterday when I bought the Happy Hooker book and some hooks and two balls of wool to make a scarf.

I've heard stacks about this book and have found it to be really good! A little stitch dictionary at the front and instructions on shaping, blocking etc and then stacks of cute patterns! I'm going to try out some more today.

Here's my scarf. I bought Paton's Zhivago from Lincraft to do it up with. The wool is actually acrylic and tencel but that's what makes it soooooooo soft! I love it! And it's so long! The second picture shows the colour better. It's a lovely dark olive green.

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  1. Hey, like the scarf! Good job!

    BTW: thanks for the kudos on the podcast! I hope you like it...a little different this time around.

    Lovin' the Blog!