Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holidays means crafty goodness

I'm on four weeks holidays now - at the end of my first week. I've got stacks of things planned. Here's hoping I get them done!

1. Knit: Chunky red scarf
2. Knit and Crochet: Bag for the KAL-CAL
3. Knit: beanie
4. Crochet: dragon for SIL
5. Crochet: Vintage cardigan CAL
6. Knit: learn how to knit socks
7. Scrapbook: do lots on our honeymoon album
8. Scrapbook: do up two more wedding canvases
9. Papercraft: experiment with making paper beads from origami paper
10. Papercraft: make 5 cards
11. Sewing: make two cushion covers
12. Sewing: make up a skirt with my new skirt pattern

Lots to get done and in between all that I need to do a Doctrine essay and keep up with my Hebrew. :)

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