Sunday, July 1, 2007

First Knitted Shawl

I made this up for my new sister-in-law's birthday a few weeks ago. It was my very first knitted wearable and I'm quite proud of it! I haven't heard from my sister-in-law yet so not sure if she likes it or not.  I was quite clear in the card that since we are sisters now she had to be completely honest with me. I'm not into fake appreciation of gifts especially amongst family members.

It's made from some beautiful Paton's mohair and it's just a plain garter stitch on 12mm needles. Since the needles were long enough it got bunched up a lot at the top (I started from the bottom) so the stitches got tighter as well but I couldn't tell since it was all bunched up. I reckon it looks pretty good!!


  1. this is a great Shawl. You have done some awsome stuff and you are so quick!!

  2. Ha ha i am on your blog site thing!!! \miss you!! YOu got talent babycakes if i wasn't moving to warmer climates as soon as i damn well can i'll order some woolies. xxx Tahnee