Wednesday, July 11, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things....

Thought I'd post a fluff post about some cute stuff that I've found recently.

This is a really cute blog with some original cartoons.

This is a very inspiring crafty blog and awesome etsy shop.

My MIL has recently branched out into ebay to sell her awesome stuff - check it out.

Very cute blog that is also offering free crochet lessons.

Elsie Flannigan has moved to typepad - I'm so in awe of her photography skills.

I'm loving the SSK podcast and Lime and Violet.

I'm yet to find a good podcast about scrapbooking - there are a few 'how to' type things but I'm after more general conversation.

I've just downloaded Skype so I'll get that up and running today and see if I can find people on it that I know from podcasts and whatnot.

I've been crafting away and various yarn and sewing projects. I'll post some photos up later today.

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