Monday, July 2, 2007

Yarn goodness

Here are some yarny things:

My latest buy: 6 balls of lovely varigated cotton and some nobbly cotton and polyamide (not sure what that is - that's just what the tag reads!).

This is my first knitted scarf in progress. I'm combining the nobbly cotton and some nobbly (is that even the right word??) wool/acrylic together to make it a nice thick fabric.

And this, my friends, is Nathan's knitting!! I love my husband! I'm so proud of his knitting! It's heaps neater than mine. He's making a horse from the 'Knit a square make a toy' book we borrowed from a friend.

Finally, I got this jumper from our internal op shop at college (love that place) but it's huge. It's 100% cotton so I'm unravelling it and plan to make the Cupcake top from the SnB HappyHooker book. I might dye it yet because I'm not a big fan of pink (Pink the singer - yes!).


  1. Looks like you have had a nice little shopping spree. Love the colours too. Happy knitting. Looking forward to seeing some scrapbooking again real soon too,