Thursday, August 30, 2007

First entry for KAL-CAL

This is my first entry, first felted bag and first ever go at hand dying yarn with food colouring! As you can see there are two different colours. That's because I ran out of red food colouring and had to borrow my neighbour's food dye and she only had pink. Ah well, I reckon it looks rad! :)

Pattern from: Yarns and Musings

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Loving digi kits

I've found that I have next to no imagination when I scrap - paper or digital. I love to scrap and I find it so much fun but I'm a follower not a leader when it comes to craft. Hence my undying love for digi-kits. They all match and come in a cute little zip folder.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

KAL-CAL update

*sigh* I haven't had enough time to make anything yet for the KAL-CAL but I've got a few plans. I'd really like to make this tapestry bag and then I want to try and make a felted bag of some sort.

There's a competition going on with She-Knits and her blog. Go here for the information on the KAL-CAL blog.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Woohoo! I got 3 comments on my last post! :) And you ladies are all scrappers which will make the gift part easy! Since you're all also on SOF I'll PM you over there for your addresses, ok?!!

I found a very cute blog - a crafty blog - no scrapping over there! :) They have lots of patterns for aprons and links to things like Angry Chicken's Tie One On project.

I like to sew but am not very good at it. I really want to get Sew U and Bend the Rules Sewing.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Thank you for all the lovely comments that people leave. I love comments. So here's a little project to see if I can get some more comments! :)

This is from Melissa's blog and I'll do it too! :) :

The first three people to leave a comment after this post will receive a little gift from me. If you are one of the first three to leave a comment I will, as I said send send you a little handmade gift. I have 365 days to make my gift and get it to you and all you have to do is the same thing on your blog...Pay it forward to another three people. So go on leave me a comment and I will email you for your address details and send you your gift.

So comment away!! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I've got all the materials so I think I'll give this class a go:

They had a crochet class going on a few weeks ago - I kept an eye on it but didn't participate.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photoshop Fun

I just found out tonight how to install and run downloaded actions for Photoshop Elements. This is one called 'Lomoize'. The first two are cute shots from the Max Brenner chocolate cafe we went to today. The last one is a happy snap with a lomo-type frame. I've still got much to learn! :)

It's my birthday!

Ooops, I missed yesterday so my posting every day attempt has already failed. I'll post twice today though.

Last night was spent achieving one of the Elsie challenges - finishing off my exegetical paper for college. I was up till 2am because I really didn't want to work on it today.

Lots of things planned today and I should have lots of photos later tonight! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Elsie Challenge

Elsie Flannigan is having a blog party today (well, yesterday really - in the US) and she posted a challenge.

23 things to do before my 24th birthday.

Since my birthday in on Saturday I might limit it to just 5.

1. Start an art journal
2. Finish my Romans exegetical for college (I have to factor in some college work here!)
3. Scrap a LO for my faithbooking album
4. Scrap a LO for my Lovell album
5. Kiss Nathan lots.

That's my challenge! :)

Posting everyday?

Can I do it? Posting everyday, I mean? I'm on the net *every single day* so maybe I can try posting something everyday too! :)

I'm looking forward to my camera so much! I'm planning all the shots I want to take and all the places I want to go with my new toy. I'm going to do the photo scavenger hunt over on BB too.

Thought I might mention Ravelry. It's a site for crocheters and knitters to share photos of finished works and works in progress as well as discuss patterns and what not. It's only in it's Beta stage and thus only by invite. But the invite process doesn't take very long - the creators are doing about 1000/day.

Facebook is another internet toy that I'm loving at the moment. Check it out and add me!

Thought I might share another mosaic of the next page of favourites from Flickr.

1. Joseph, 2. Fall Apart, 3. Funny old lady, 4. Jelly Yarn Beach Bag, 5. kinaskeden, 6. nya hyllan, 7. coffeetime, 8. blommig ljushållare, 9. virkad blomma, 10. me gustan, 11. ten paz.-, 12. IMG_0078.JPG, 13. dejemos de hacernos los ciegos, 14. IMG_1902.jpg, 15. Bubbling red, 16. bubblicious, 17. broken-hearts, 18. shoes, 19. tomato bag 1b, 20. C. loddigesii 'Martinique', 21. good morning, shoes, 22. vision, 23. cherry*bird, 24. when i grow up, 25. 151: 6.30.07, 26. Love film, 27. Little Man, 28. Colares, 29. Clear, Fall Sky., 30. Guiding the Way, 31. REGALO DE BELIN, 32. GALATINAAA, 33. Corazõn, 34. anjali's beautiful mehndi creation, 35. just*keep*smiling, 36. des cerises

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mosaic Craziness

I'm getting into the swing of Flickr and thought I'd share my current favourites. I'm photo happy at the moment because I found out that darling husband got me a camera for my birthday this Saturday. :) He's even planned a 'photo shoot' for Saturday even though he despises me taking photos of him! :)

1. Little Man, 2. Colares, 3. Clear, Fall Sky., 4. Guiding the Way, 5. REGALO DE BELIN, 6. GALATINAAA, 7. Corazõn, 8. anjali's beautiful mehndi creation, 9. just*keep*smiling, 10. des cerises, 11. uomo perfetto, 12. head in the clouds ~, 13. Pickering tree sunset, 14. The blue door, 15. Loby, 16. Norway, 17. coastal bokeh 1, 18. Red Yellow Flowers, 19. Cowboy Booties, 20. daisy_bag, 21. 93, 22. Cherry Chip Aviator Hat Earflap Cap, 23. Mala em Crochet e tecelagem..., 24. Buho, 25. Hair holds secrets, 26. ChevronScarf0507d, 27. S Cream,Y, 28. I do like posting my FOs., 29. It's tragic when you lose a friend., 30. patch5 (Small), 31. Paper Beads, 32. Etsycraft Contest Entry, 33. Flying Saucers, 34. Mein zweites Taschenbaby, 35. flach und gross, 36. arwen 1