Thursday, August 30, 2007

First entry for KAL-CAL

This is my first entry, first felted bag and first ever go at hand dying yarn with food colouring! As you can see there are two different colours. That's because I ran out of red food colouring and had to borrow my neighbour's food dye and she only had pink. Ah well, I reckon it looks rad! :)

Pattern from: Yarns and Musings


  1. I think it looks rad too!! Great colours and the final product looks wonderful. I've always wanted to get into felting. You'll have to give me tips :)

  2. OK... I am confessing that I didnt have your blog in my google reader so I have been missing it..Sorry Diane!
    Now..which church were the pics taken in front of from the previous post?...send me a PM and tell me!
    Loving all your talents girl...who says you have no imagination??

  3. love the look of your bag Diane - kinda cool that you ran out of dye - the colour variation looks great.

  4. what a cute blog you have going on! I love it, and have linked you! Sweet!

  5. so cute bag you have there. :)
    thanks for the button jar comment on my blog.

  6. Love the bag - It looks wonderful, artsy and useful. How neat!