Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Posting everyday?

Can I do it? Posting everyday, I mean? I'm on the net *every single day* so maybe I can try posting something everyday too! :)

I'm looking forward to my camera so much! I'm planning all the shots I want to take and all the places I want to go with my new toy. I'm going to do the photo scavenger hunt over on BB too.

Thought I might mention Ravelry. It's a site for crocheters and knitters to share photos of finished works and works in progress as well as discuss patterns and what not. It's only in it's Beta stage and thus only by invite. But the invite process doesn't take very long - the creators are doing about 1000/day.

Facebook is another internet toy that I'm loving at the moment. Check it out and add me!

Thought I might share another mosaic of the next page of favourites from Flickr.

1. Joseph, 2. Fall Apart, 3. Funny old lady, 4. Jelly Yarn Beach Bag, 5. kinaskeden, 6. nya hyllan, 7. coffeetime, 8. blommig ljushÄllare, 9. virkad blomma, 10. me gustan, 11. ten paz.-, 12. IMG_0078.JPG, 13. dejemos de hacernos los ciegos, 14. IMG_1902.jpg, 15. Bubbling red, 16. bubblicious, 17. broken-hearts, 18. shoes, 19. tomato bag 1b, 20. C. loddigesii 'Martinique', 21. good morning, shoes, 22. vision, 23. cherry*bird, 24. when i grow up, 25. 151: 6.30.07, 26. Love film, 27. Little Man, 28. Colares, 29. Clear, Fall Sky., 30. Guiding the Way, 31. REGALO DE BELIN, 32. GALATINAAA, 33. CorazÔn, 34. anjali's beautiful mehndi creation, 35. just*keep*smiling, 36. des cerises

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