Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Australian Version of Etsy - Madeit.com

I found this today and it rocks!!!

I love Etsy but can never find which sellers are in Australia so that I don't have to pay monstrous amounts in postage. There is a locator function which isn't set up yet. But this place is based in Australia and looks fabulous.

I've emailed my mother-in-law about this. She makes awesome pottery items that would be fantastic here. She's having a ball on Ebay at the moment already with her products.

And I found this site today too. Duckcloth
Awesome fabric and apparently free postage if you're in Australia!


  1. Might just have to check this out when I get a free minute. Thanks for sharing Diane

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    I would appreciate the linkage, Thanks!

  3. Yeah I love Made it! So much cool stuff on there! I haven't actually bought anything yet (cos I can't really afford it atm) but hope to once I save some more money!

    Katie :)

  4. Great to see someone else has found this site and is plugging it.
    I'm selling and buying on there already. Should turn into a great little shop.

  5. You've been "TAGGED"! Please read my post to see what you need to do!


    :0) Love your blog!

  6. Must go and check that out! Etsy is just great!


  7. Hello Dianne! I found you via Etsy. I'm an artist myself, also love the crafty side of life and last-but-certainly-not-least follow Jesus Christ/the Holy Trinity. I find it difficult to find a crative tribe within Christian circles and am glad you are doing what you do...It's important to have encouragement. I just noticed how long it's been since anyone's commented; I'm wondering if you are still operatating? I must return to my application to an art therapy course - despite my natural tendency to procrastinate. My email is whitechocaardvarks@gmail.com

  8. Hi in a few days there will be a site called crafterswarehouse.net which will encourage crafters and buyers to meet up and sell and buy hand made crafts. The site is based in Australia and encourages crafters to set up small businesses on crafters warehouse as a venue. The costs are minimal and the site is secure. I do encourage you to take a look and share this information with fellow crafters and lovers of craft.

  9. Another new Austraian online craft market is called Lady Bug Markets. www.ladybugmarkets.com. It's brand new so we need more sellers and buyers to check it out. I am currently on both madeit and ladybug....Creations by Bobbie-Mac...check it out!

  10. Hey thanks for the website madeit www.madeit.com.au great to see finally found a Australia like Etsy website for handmade goods and craft fantastic ! we found your post from google using Etsy Australia, so glad you did a post about it thanks :)

  11. Thanks Rechargelife! I hope you have a great time over at MadeIt. :)