Monday, September 24, 2007

Recent craftings

I've been enjoying my one week of holidays. I haven't done any college work, although I probably should have used the time to catch up on some things. Here's what I've been making.

This bag is made from a pattern I got up on Mt Tambourine, QLD a few years ago. It's the Paris design from MoonShine Designs. Great bag! I don't like the fabric that much but it was on sale at Lincraft!

A friend bought these for me in Japan and sent them from Singapore way back in May. They only arrived today!! There are two crochet books and one felt one. They are awesome!!

Based on a lining technique from the Paris bag I made this simple tote for a friend's birthday tomorrow. Very easy and cute!

Other than that I've made some curtains for a common guest room here at MooreWest, made a funny looking shoe bag thing to hang over the door (need a piece of dowel to hang it up) and some general patching of clothes. I love my sewing machine and I love holidays. :)


  1. Yours bags look gorgeous. You have certainly been busy. Enjoy your break - I sure intend to enjoy my week off.