Saturday, October 27, 2007

Buy Handmade for Christmas

I Took The Handmade Pledge!


  1. Hi Diane, Just visiting from Southern Summer of Socks. Great to see another Christian. There are a few I know of.

    The handmade idea is a really good idea. Love your fingerless gloves. Karen makes some great stuff.

    What Greek NT is that? It doesn't look like standard Bible Society issue to students. I always used to get trapped by Greek prepositions. Then started to use a little diagram whch helped.

    I studied elsewhere to Moore, Dip.Min, then BTh, then Honours year at a different place again.

    Sorry to hijack your comments like this. Enjoy the knitting.

  2. Hi. I too am just visiting from Southern Summer of Socks (I was a little surprised by the number of visitors I got that came from SSS after my first post). I did a double take when I first read your post (about being at Moore) and had to check that I was reading a knitting blog (like I thought I was) and not a Christian blog. I think I'm overly surprised by the number of young (and not so young but internet savy) Christian sock knitters that are actually in Sydney. I was also momentarily shocked by your age. I keep forgetting that there are several people my age at college - I keep thinking its for people a few years older than myself. But don't mind me - I think its really cool that you are there.

    I think you are very committed to try socks as one of your first projects. They aren't really hard, they just seem that way. I can't wait to see how you go.

    P.S. Your other crafty stuff is amazing. (I am craftily challenged - except when it comes to knitting.)