Sunday, October 7, 2007

Who wears fingerless gloves?

I've been working on these for a looooong time. I've completely finished one and need to seam up the other one. One is significantly larger than the other which is a little disturbing but all the lacework discourages me from fixing it up.

Now I know two people in the whole entire world who would wear these - my mother-in-law and Karen. That's it. Is there anyone else out there???!!!

I also made this up the other night from an old pair of Nathan's jeans. It's for my new Greek New Testament. It's an awesome Bible because it has all the words that appear 30 times or less down the bottom of each page with their meaning. This is great because by second year at Bible college you are supposed to know all the words that appear 30 times or more in the New Testament. So rather than hunt through my lexicon/dictionary all the less frequently appearing words are at the bottom of the page! It's odd the things that excite academics, isn't it! :)

The Bible has got this nice leather cover but I tend to scratch leather rather easily hence the cover. I think next time I make one I'll make it with some heavy felt so that I don't have to hem it.


  1. youre an aweseome knitter. I enjoy seeing what you create...such a broad apopreciation of craft.
    Our keyboardist at church wears fingerless gloves on cold days so she can play the keyboard and keep warm.

  2. hey its your gorgeous sister here. it's going to be winter here soon!!! i'll be wearing lots of woolies, would request personally made accessories but i think i have enough for now... i really love that headband you made though!! ;) xx Tahnee

  3. Fingerless gloves are one of the most useful accessories in winter! I can't live without them; I think my fingers would fall off!

    Glad to see your knitting is progressing. Wow, onto lace knitting already! I'm so impressed!