Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holidays = cleaning and knitting

Yay!! Exams are over!! *doing happy dance*

I've got a summer job teaching English at a college in the city centre - right next to Tapestry Craft! How awesome is that! I like the stuff they have but the service isn't that great. It was empty on Tuesday and no-one greeted me even even after I wondered around for a good 10 minutes. Ah well. I still love Lincraft and Spotlight especially since all their yarn is dirt cheap at the moment.

So after cleaning the house from top to bottom (it's a mess again already!) I've moved onto knitting.

Here is my Monkey sock so far. It's annoying me. The pattern is not difficult but too difficult for me to memorise and the yarn is splitting a lot. Also I really don't have the right DPNs. I've got three matching ones and I'm using another pair to make up the five needed but the pair are all banged up and scratched so the yarn doesn't slide on them so well. I'm going to keep at it since I've nearly finished the leg on this first one and see how I go.

Jacksie asked on my comments about the yarn for this project. The Sirdar Wonderland is a 4 ply but only comes in 20gram balls. The rest of the ball band info: size 10 UK needles, 100% courtelle. Hope that helps you! :)

The next project I'm working on is a scarf for a friend. *shhhhh* It's a suprise! :) It's made from Moda Vera Sentiments from Spotlight (all their Moda Vera is $2/ball by the way!) and it's 50% mohair and 50% acrylic. Very soft and squishy. I'm using this drop stitch pattern with a few modifications.

I've got a few other projects I want to get done this holidays - including Christmas presents. I'm not sure I'll make many Christmas presents as I don't think that many people understand the time and love that goes into them. My dad would like something though. But he'll have to preface his acceptance by asking why am I knitting? Am I pregnant? (insert mutiple eyerolls).

A shout out to all the Filipinos visiting my blog! Mabuhay!! Nathan's making me a Filo meal this week as I'm feeling a little 'homesick' (but not really since I was born here!). Chunks of BBQ pig with soy sauce and chili! Yummmmm!!!!


  1. You should come to SnB at Tapestry Craft if you can make it. It's on Thursdays from 5-7pm. We are only meeting once more before Christmas (next week) but the week after we are going out for drinks so you could come to that too.

  2. Thanks for posting on my blog - I am not on Ravelry, unfortunately. I am thinking of joining though...
    Your socks look nice and fluffy. I bought some of that Moda Vera (same as your scarf) as well recently, but am not sure what to knit with it. $2 a ball - it wasn't that cheap when I got it!! I think I will have to get myself to Spotlight...!

  3. Thanks so much for that info. I had trouble logging in because I couldn't remember which password I used!! I must set up a place to put them all. Anyway I'm going to buy some baby courtelle in a 4 ply and just see what happens. After all courtelle is cheap enough not to worry about.
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