Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Music - Just can't get it out of my head

Music's been getting to me recently. I love music that reminds me of a good time I had or special memories of an event or time in my life. Last night on 20-to-1 Bert Newton (hate his hair btw) went through the top most songs that 'You can't get out of your head'. Lots of them I didn't know but lots of them were from my high school days - Spice Girls, Kylie Minogue, Who Let the Dogs Out etc. I *need* a best of 1996-2000.

I also just found a CD from my mission trip to Azerbaijan with OM in 2002 and it made me feel very nostalgic. I didn't like the amount of time I had to spend on the toilet due to all the new food but I did like remembering the great friends I made and the small impact I had on those refugees in Barda (central Azerbaijan).

I had my first experience at spinning there!! This is something that I think my love of fibre arts may develop into one day! :)


  1. Wow, spinning! You're really getting into it! I've never tried that before but have been curious as to how it works.

  2. My husband and I have been downloading songs from the late 90s...so many great songs, and so many memories associated with them!

    (I found you on LA's blog -- just wanted to say hi!)

  3. Wow - looks like fun! I have got into spinning this year, although I much prefer the wheel to the spindle.

    How is your Hebrew going? I live in the Inner West as well - good to know another Sydney, christian knitter!

    I have recently been knitting socks, but now my enthusiasm is flagging... I'm stuck on one of those dreaded 'second socks'. So boring!