Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sock Knitting Rocks!

So I finished my first pair of socks!! :) YAY!! The only problem is that they are the most itchiest things I have *ever* put on my feet. They even made my hands incredibly itchy. I'm hoping that after I wash and block them that they will be a lot more comfortable to wear. Not that I'm going to be wearing them anytime soon anyways being summer and all!

I've taken to the sock knitting bug and I've started another pair! This time I'm using a real, live pattern from Knitty. They're called Monkey socks and I love them! I'll be using some smaller needles (2.5mm) and some more vintage yarn from my Granny's stash - Sirdar Wonderland 4ply.

Exams are going well - I've done 2 of the 5. I should be doing Hebrew right now - I need to be able to exegete about 8 passages from Deuteronomy and 1 and 2 Samuel. Argghh! Hebrew is much harder than Greek. :(


  1. Yay for finished socks, they look great!! Too bad about the itchiness, maybe soaking them in some wool soak would help?

    Good luck for the rest of your exams!

  2. Well done! They look great!!! You can now graduate to sweaters ;)

  3. Yay! They are pretty impressive for first socks...particularly when you are fairly new to knitting. Well done.

    Try not to knit too much when you should be doing Hebrew.

  4. Nice socks cute real cute. Great job. :)

  5. mmm, they look so cozy!

    knitting socks is next on my "to-learn" list but it seems so intimidating!

    yours look great though :)

  6. Hi there, When your exams have finished I have a question about the yarn you are using for the monkey socks.
    I have an old pattern from the 70s for a baby cardigan that uses Sirdar Wonderland that (surprise, surprise) has been discontinued. Anyway I would like to know the gauge if you have a band to go with the yarn. I think it falls somewhere between a 4 ply and a double knit and I would like to find a substitute yarn so that i can use this pattern.
    I am a knitty fan too! Do you know about knittingdaily from Interweave knits? Another great resource for us knitwits!!
    I have subscribed to your feed so will get an answer that way I guess.