Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm back and a little tired

So Christmas wasn't as hot as I thought it would be. Temperature wise. Coastal Queensland was under the threat of a cyclone so it was storms and gusty winds the whole time we were up there.

My dad's chickens are awesome. Dad found them one morning down at his local fishing spot. Some moron dumped them. Dad could only save 10 out of the 12. The other two died from dehydration.Our Brisbane trip was fun-filled. I just love our home church. It's the best church is Brisbane. They don't have a website but if you're looking for a church in Brissie check out St John's Anglican in Wishart.

I have a lot to share craft-wise but I'll just start with these.

I made these just before Christmas. They sit on a little shelf in our bedroom wall. They're pretty simple but I love them! I really like Elsie's paper range.

This awesome album is from Leigh-Ann over at Freckled Nest. Check her out. She rocks! :) Thanks LA!!!

Now, I'm tired because I've been working at my summer job teaching English in the city. My students are, on the whole, really lovely and the work itself is not so difficult because they are beginners and it takes them a long time to get through one activity sheet. I think that I'm such a student at my very core that waking up every day at the same time to catch the same train is wearing a little thin.

I know this is just like term time but I like term time better! It is a good experience and I am enjoying teaching them so I can't really complain.

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