Monday, February 18, 2008

Study Schumdy :(

College registration was today. :(

I do love going to college and learning more about God and the Bible every day. Really, it's a privilege to do this full time. But sometimes I just don't want to go.

I still have so many projects that I meant to do over the Summer break that I just never got around to doing. And I've also received a number of new books that are just begging to have things made out of them!

I got Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting as a prize from the Holiday KAL/CAL, Last Minute Knitted Gifts from some Christmas book vouchers, and One Skein as a Christmas present from Nathan. NB: It was supposed to be here by Christmas but again, thanks to Angus and Robertson's sucky service it got here last week.

I also picked up some awesome vintage craft books from a local church bazaar. They are part of a series called Golden Hands: The complete knitting, dressmaking, and needlecraft guide. I got 3 books at 50c each - this person is selling all 18 of them for a Buy It Now price of $100!

I made some globes from Heather Bailey's tutorial but am yet to put them up someone in our house. They were a Valentine's Day project that Nathan helped out with. He's a lovely man. I'd like to hang them above our bed but if they hang next to the wall they sort of lean and jut out a bit. I think I need to hang them from the ceiling.

I've been scrapbooking up a storm - both digitally and with real paper. Nathan bought himself a new computer and gave me his old hard drives to use. I bought a case for one of the hard drives and turned into an external hard drive and put all our photos and all my digital files onto it. It's nearly half full and it's an 80GB hard drive! So the story is that now since I have much easier access to both sets of files (rather than using DVDs) I'm much more motivated to do digital scrapbooking. My paper layouts are part of a baby album I'm doing for a friend. Here's some digital layouts.


  1. Your layouts look great Diane - I'm keen to have a play with digital scrapbooking myself. The holidays are never long enough to do all the projects you want to do. I have the same problem here.

  2. Loving your digi LOs Diane - they look great! lol you sound like me I don't feel like going back to uni either! There's still so much scrapping I want to get done.

    Katie :)