Friday, March 28, 2008


Way back when I had a RAK giveaway on my blog (which I haven't completed yet -sorry!). I saw it over on Melissa's blog but Karen also had it on her blog and I was the lucky recipient of both ladies' giveaways.

Karen made me this gorgeous mini-album full of awesome quotes. There is just *so* much detail!

Melissa made this gorgeous little book. I *love* little books! The book was in the felt pouch with the very cute crocheted flowers. She also made the headband. It rocks!!!

ETA: I photographed the book upside down! Can you tell?!

Thank you so much ladies for you generosity!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sharing the good stuff

This is something Nathan and I made a few weeks ago. It's from Heather Bailey's Paper Globe pattern. It was supposed to be a Valentine's day thing but I got frustrated with it and had to ask Nathan to figure out the 3-D-ness of it so it didn't end up being much of a surprise present for him!

College is going into semi-overdrive at the moment. It's nothing to do with assignments per se. What's happening is that we've got Mission next week. For one week each year we are assigned a church and with our chaplaincy group (about 20 people) we go to that church (usually billeted out) and help run a big week full of events to help tell people about Jesus or just generally promote the churches in their communities.

It is, on the whole, a really good productive week and makes our four years at college worth something along the way. I mean, we get to 'walk the talk' and live out what we study each day. But on the other hand it's so tiring and emotionally draining. Most people are happy to talk about religion but lots are really quite angry if we approach them and that makes it so hard to get motivated to share what we know about Jesus. We all understand that not everyone is a Christian or wants to be a Christian but it's disheartening when people are mean.

I've got lots to do next week. For some reason despite the fact that many women are becoming Christians there are not that many women at college. So that means when Mission is on women often have twice as many church-run functions to attend. Men usually get the whole week off if they just do one sermon on a Sunday. I've got to share my testimony (the story of how I became a Christian) at least 3 times, give a short talk, give a book review and help run Scripture over three days. Scripture is religious education at schools. In New South Wales they call it Scripture. In Queensland we just called it Religious Education.

I'm looking forward to Mission in that I can tell people about Jesus and encourage them if they are already a Christian but I'm also going to miss my house, my craft supplies and my internet!

I'm stocking up on knitting and crochet patterns to do in my chill-out time next week. I'm filling up my queue over on Ravelry! I'm thinking I might try some of these in the not to distant future:

Slouchy Hat
Quant Headband
Mug Cozies

Friday, March 21, 2008

The day in between

Happy Easter everyone! Even though it's only the Saturday in between the message is still the same.

We went to church yesterday (Nathan was preaching) and will go again on Sunday. I love having Easter fellowship with other Christians. Easter is really the whole point of Christianity. Like what Paul said in the letter to the Corinthians, "If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins."

I'm so grateful that Jesus died for my sins on Easter Friday and if I only trust that he is my 'sin-bearer', the one who can take away my sins, then that is all that is required to be saved. There is no need to earn my way into heaven. It's a free gift. That still blows my mind. It's such a natural, human tendency to think that you get what you deserve. So to deserve heaven you need to do good things. But that's not it at all. It's a gift that God offers to everyone.

So the day in between is a good day to think about these things. The death and suffering of Jesus was yesterday and tomorrow is when Jesus will rise from the dead and live again anew. Today I rejoice that these days represent the time when Jesus ushered in the only way to salvation.

Australians: I hope you all watched the Christ Files on Channel 7 yesterday at noon. If you didn't, no worries! You can get the DVD from Koorong.

Check out:

Egg crochet pattern

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thrifty finds

The church next door puts on a bazaar once a month in their church hall. I *love* this bazaar. They always have a big box of free books and I often find some really great stuff. Last time I found a Donna Hay magazine for 10c, these herb jars for $2
and this brooch for $2. I was a very, very happy shopper!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daily Loves

Instead of wasting money on going to the movies we hang out watching DVDs together. We watch TV series and go through an episode a day on average. Right now we are going through FireFly again. We *love* this TV series and cried a lot when we found it it was only a one season thing. But then the movie Serenity came out! It rocked!

*ETA: Yes, VERONICA MARS ROCKS! I completely agree Karen! You'll note our love for odd Sci-Fi: Roswell, BattleStar Galactica, Dark Angel. And then there's Nathan's loves: Buffy and The Unit. And my strange tastes: Sailor Moon (which doesn't seem to be as good as when I was 12!). We've got Scrubs and Gilmore Girls on that shelf as well.

I keep this basket under our coffee table full of WIPs (Work in Progress). At the moment I'm working on the Cupcake from the Happy Hooker book but I've made it too small and will need to either lose 10kgs or rip out what I've got and make the next size up.

*ETA: I did rip it out but am working on Foliage now from Knitty.

Every day, I swear, I cuddle up on the couch under this blanket from my Granny and Nathan sits on the other end of the couch with the fan blowing on him. Odd.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Flickr*ing thoughts

I've been thinking a lot about blogging. I've actually been insanely jealous of the beautiful blogs I frequent and how much I want to have a blog like theirs (take note of the long list of blogs on the right hand side).

But I've realised that in order to have a blog like that I'd need to have a life like theirs. Most often than not the most crafty ladies somehow manage to have babies as well. Having a baby is not an option I'm willing to choose in order to have a more funky blog. :}

But I have taken a lot of inspiration from these blogs. I've decided to not necessarily change my life but take more joy in what I already do. I don't very often blog about my day-to-day business being a full time student as I think that's not a very readable topic. Also this blog is supposed to be about my craftings. However I'm going to take the step of actually blogging about what I do in such a way that I hope will be inspiring to others as well.

I'm not in the fashion of talking arty-farty mumbo -jumbo to keep up with the blogging Jones' but I will take on the joy these bloggers have about their average lives an apply to it to mine.

I don't think that my life is all that average though. ;} But for now let me indulge my Flickr obsession.

1. mondays are for color, 2. mondays are for color, 3. mondays are for color, 4. needlefelting- I forgot how fun!, 5. green kitchen, 6. IKEA chair officially hacked, 7. storage drawers, 8. Untitled, 9. IMG_4088, 10. Untitled, 11. vintage mini muffin tin, 12. Hansel and Gretel Ipod/Cards Pouch, 13. oh, you pretty thing, 14. red thrifted sundress, 15. Untitled, 16. frosty berries, 17. 43/366..... Refocus, 18. potholder for a friend, 19. Apple of My Eye Pendant, 20. the bestest thrift find EVER., 21. backyard berries, 22. Detail granny square blanket, 23. little acorn, 24. red shoes, 25. Twig