Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daily Loves

Instead of wasting money on going to the movies we hang out watching DVDs together. We watch TV series and go through an episode a day on average. Right now we are going through FireFly again. We *love* this TV series and cried a lot when we found it it was only a one season thing. But then the movie Serenity came out! It rocked!

*ETA: Yes, VERONICA MARS ROCKS! I completely agree Karen! You'll note our love for odd Sci-Fi: Roswell, BattleStar Galactica, Dark Angel. And then there's Nathan's loves: Buffy and The Unit. And my strange tastes: Sailor Moon (which doesn't seem to be as good as when I was 12!). We've got Scrubs and Gilmore Girls on that shelf as well.

I keep this basket under our coffee table full of WIPs (Work in Progress). At the moment I'm working on the Cupcake from the Happy Hooker book but I've made it too small and will need to either lose 10kgs or rip out what I've got and make the next size up.

*ETA: I did rip it out but am working on Foliage now from Knitty.

Every day, I swear, I cuddle up on the couch under this blanket from my Granny and Nathan sits on the other end of the couch with the fan blowing on him. Odd.


  1. it's always a great way to save the $$$ by watching videos at home and at your own comfort :) what's more, could spend time on your craft as you watch...oooh... killing so many birds with one stone... brilliant!!!



    Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. We're currently halfway through Season 3! :) So sad there's no more ...