Friday, March 28, 2008


Way back when I had a RAK giveaway on my blog (which I haven't completed yet -sorry!). I saw it over on Melissa's blog but Karen also had it on her blog and I was the lucky recipient of both ladies' giveaways.

Karen made me this gorgeous mini-album full of awesome quotes. There is just *so* much detail!

Melissa made this gorgeous little book. I *love* little books! The book was in the felt pouch with the very cute crocheted flowers. She also made the headband. It rocks!!!

ETA: I photographed the book upside down! Can you tell?!

Thank you so much ladies for you generosity!!!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Cumin - I hadn't thought of that! And don't worry about the other comment on there...that was my little sister who is 13 and doesn't have a very broad palate!

    Hope mission goes well. I bet it can be tiring and difficult - sounds like the women get the raw deal! - but I hope you have some significant conversations and shared experiences with the people you are serving there. I'll try to remember to pray for the Moore college mission week.