Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sydney Vintage Show

A few weekends ago I went to the Sydney Vintage show over in Canterbury. It was a hike to get there by public transport but nearly everything is in Sydney.

There were so many beautiful old things! All the way from the Victorian age up until the 80s. Just gorgeous stuff! Most was out of my league price-wise but I did score some red velvet earrings.A few years ago when I was doing my undergraduate I would only ever wear vintage stuff. But I would buy them all on the cheap from op-shops. I had no problem with wearing Stubbies from the 70s and 80s. I liked men's safari suits and ladies' lacy tops. My sister was into those satin nightgowns that were overdyed. Nowadays I think I dress a bit less vintage-y and more just Target-y but I'd like to splash out now and again with something vintage. I have a stash of my Granny's clothes that I haven't yet worn - I think I might just take them out and wear them now.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mushroom, Mushroom

On Mission we had a day off down at Cronulla beach. I was a little apprehensive about going there due to all those riots a few years ago. It's really not nice having to think carefully about whether or not you should go somewhere in Sydney on the basis of what you look like. But I guess that's just human nature. People don't really like difference. Everyone claims that being unique is a great thing but I really doubt that those thoughts are genuine. No-one wants to be so unique that they are no longer accepted.

Anyways, I'm rambling a bit. What I wanted to say was that I picked up these gorgeous salt and pepper shakers for $3 at an op-shop. I love the cheap op-shops where you find some gorgeous things for a few dollars. Some op-shops have cottoned on to the whole 'vintage is in' thing so everything is priced a lot higher. Not so at this place.

I won't use them as salt and pepper shakers. They will just sit on a bookshelf looking terribly kitsch. I love them!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mission re-cap

Mission was really good this year. Not nearly as scary as I thought it would be!

We had so many awesome opportunities to talk to people about Jesus as well as just encourage the Christians at the church.

My favourite thing about the whole week was meeting a lovely lady who was 90 years old. She told me that she used to work at a picture theatre in Manly when she was much younger. One day she went into the theatre and watched 'Ben Hur'. That was the day she became a Christian. She said that while watching the movie she just had such a conviction that God was real and so after the movie she went out and bought a Bible the very same day.

What an awesome and unique story! It makes me remember that God doesn't need people but instead still chooses to use them when he wants to.