Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mission re-cap

Mission was really good this year. Not nearly as scary as I thought it would be!

We had so many awesome opportunities to talk to people about Jesus as well as just encourage the Christians at the church.

My favourite thing about the whole week was meeting a lovely lady who was 90 years old. She told me that she used to work at a picture theatre in Manly when she was much younger. One day she went into the theatre and watched 'Ben Hur'. That was the day she became a Christian. She said that while watching the movie she just had such a conviction that God was real and so after the movie she went out and bought a Bible the very same day.

What an awesome and unique story! It makes me remember that God doesn't need people but instead still chooses to use them when he wants to.

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  1. Hey there!
    I found your blog few, minutes ago on blogcatalog and just like to say that I like the story about the older lady. Well, even "just" a movie can change your "world". That's great!