Monday, May 26, 2008


Yay! Yay! I love Eurovision! Australia was able to see both the semi-finals and then the final on Sunday night thanks to the lovely SBS channel.

I was cheering on Azerbaijan and Portugal. It was Azerbaijan's first year in it and I just adore the country. The song had a very interesting take on good vs evil but it was a bit difficult to understand the lyrics with the heavy accents and all the vibrato!

I adore the BBC commentator because he is so funny - he really taps into the Australian love of sarcasm and tall poppy syndrome.

I think I love the songs and the wacky ones that come out at times but I find the linguistic diversity the most interesting. Everything is in English but with some concessions to the linguistically ego-centric France who refuses to speak only in English. So the tallying of points is always in two languages.

So a normal conversation runs like this: (* = sexy, blonde, bosom heaving TV star from Georgia. ** = sexy, blonde, bosom heaving (broad shouldered for the man) Serbian hosts)

/start heavy accents with various levels of American or British English accents mixed in

**Hello Serbia. This is Geogoria calling!
*Hello Georgia!
**Hello. Congratulations Serbia on a fantastic night! We have enjoyed the experience greatly.
*Thank you Georgia!
**Ok. Here are the results from the Georgian televoting.
8 points to.... Azerbaijan!
*L'Azerbaïdjan huit points!
**10 points to Turkey!
*La Turquie dix points!
**And 12 points to Russia!
*La Russie douze points.

/end heavy accents with various levels of American or British English accents mixed in

Notice the block voting?? There's always a political element to the whole process - you vote for your neighbours. Or as the BBC commentator said you vote to ensure your oil and electricity still run in your country.

So countries like Germany, France and the UK don't really get any points. Take a look at this: Australian newspaper article on Germany.

I thought that Russia really didn't deserve to win. I didn't like Greece that much because they were a bit to Britney for me but they were better than Russia and Armenia.

Sigh. I ****love**** Eurovision. :)

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  1. Ahhhh... makes me all patriotic! Go Azerbaijan!