Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, I've been thinking a lot about life, the universe and everything (including my hair, how much Nutella I eat and that I have to call my mum tonight). And along with this kind of thinking I've included the purpose of my blog.

I wanted it to be a floaty, airy-fairy, inspirational (if I can use that word) kind of blog - the ones I like to look at really.

But Honoria (I love ya Hon) is really the one who's been inspiring me of late.

So my blog's going to take a turn. Crafty stuff will still pop up. That's just what I do. But I also do other stuff. Mainly that other stuff is theology. Yeah, lots of God stuff.

I hope to blog random musings about what I'm learning about and what I'm talking to people about. Feel free to ask me questions - I like questions. :)

Recently I've been talking to people online (yes - the forums sucked me back in. Thankfully no one has called me a homophobe again). What's been popping up is predestination.

Predestination, you say? You mean the idea that I have no free will and that God is a big puppeteer up in heaven pulling all the strings and even, dare I say it, the determiner of all evil due to his sovereignty? (Well, I got a little off the official doctrine but that's what been coming up in conversation).

Why yes. God being God has determined all things. And yet, somehow the integrity of my free will and free choice is maintained. I am completely free to do what I want and yet God had pre-determined everything anyway.

I find that comforting. Not distressing. Not encroaching on my personal freedom.

Actually I'm only able to choose within my nature. I can't freely choose to grow wings and fly. I can't freely choose to walk upside down. And because I'm a sinner (theological word - means I do bad things - like you do) then I can't actually do any good things. It's impossible.

Thus I can't choose Jesus. I can't choose to be saved. I can't choose to be a Christian.

But what predestination shows me then is that God chose me because I can't choose myself.

That is comforting.

(Excuse my lack of Bible references. Everything I say I take from what the Bible says. Yes, I'm one of those type of fundamentalists. Shoot me. :) I should be researching for an essay and trawling through my Bible software to back what I'm saying. They'll be there next time. )

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