Monday, July 21, 2008


My beautiful sis Tahnee visited me after she got back from living overseas for the last few years. It was great to catch up and interact as people rather than bickering siblings.

She indulged me by having a 'photoshoot'. Nathan was pleased to not have to deal with me and my camera for a day. :)
Then we went up to Coffs Harbour to visit our other sister. I love my family!

Life is crazy busy - college is back and my lovely holidays are gone. They were a fairly productive holidays - I achieved much in the way of procrastination.


  1. You both are so beautiful! I love those pictures of you!


  2. arrrggghh that pic of me lying sown is awful...change it to the one where i'm picking my nose... at least i look hot!! ha ha lovin your page di!

  3. You're all beautiful! Great photos. :)

  4. Marly - thank you!!

    Tahnee - you are completely internet illiterate other than MySpace. My 'page'???? *This* is a piece of technological marvel - I do my own HTML thank you very much! Yeah, I'll get around to changing your piccy.

    Charity - thankyou! You're blog is awesome. And I reckon the Jackie Collin's hairstyle will work on you the best!