Saturday, August 9, 2008


Nah, this isn't a post on Macs. I dislike them intensely - only in that I hate all O/S largely due the whole $ thing. I like Linux - only in that I have a husband with a PhD in computer science.

Anyways. I wanted to post about a lovely artist whose work has been on my wish list for a little while but I think hubby doesn't like picking things like this for me - books are a little easier!

Emily Martin is her name and her etsy shop is here and her blog is here. Her shop and blog name is 'The Black Apple.' Good name, huh!?!


Just so gorgeous!


  1. Lovely artwork! Soo sweet.. love the one of the sleeping girl, those patchwork textures are great.

  2. Yeah, great artwork.
    I like the last one :-)

  3. Pretty Pretty...

    BTW, I've tagged you in a meme: