Monday, September 22, 2008


When Hon first told me I was tagged to do a 'meme' I had a Firefly flash and thought she was using the Chinese word for 'little sister'. I'm such a geek.

So here's the rules:

1. Link to the person who ‘tagged’ you!
2. Post the rules on your blog!
3. List 6 random facts about yourself!
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post!
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by commenting on their blog!
6. Let the tagger know the entry is posted on your blog!

Unfortunately, I'm like the Baddeleys, and Bek and I just don't do the whole voodoo-chain-mail thing. Sorry Hon!

Here are my 6 random facts (they are a little more reflective because that's the mood I'm in):

1. My mum has a coconut farm. For serious. Monkeys are a huge problem. For serious. Also on a seriously more serious note, terrorists are a real problem where my mum lives. I worried a lot about bringing my husband to come and visit my mum a few years ago because he's just 'kidnapable' being so 'white'.

2. I love reading. I will read anywhere and at any time. Seriously. Ok - here's an eyeopener for you. When I'm feeling sad or a little grumpy, I have a shower and then with the water still running I read a book. Seriously. In the cubicle but held out far away from the shower head. I am the reason why Australia will run out of clean water.

3. When I was younger I desperately wanted to be an archaeologist. Still do, really. I read up on all sorts of archaeological news. I used to have a deep fascination with canopic jars (hmmm... used to?)

4. I applied for university in 3 states and was accepted for my first choices in all three states. Griffith (QLD), UWS (NSW) LaTrobe (Vic). I ended up going to Griffith.

5. On the topic of tertiary education, due to numerous clerical errors I missed both of my graduation ceremonies at Griffith. Both times (for a BA and a Grad. Cert.) administration 'lost' my details and/or failed to lodge them at all in time for the ceremonies.

6. I used to learn Latin for fun. Quomodo nunc spadix bos?

ETA: I'm having trouble reading my own posts. Can you tell me if I should change the font/colour/size etc? Thanks!


  1. Really? Water running? What's wrong with reading in the bath?

  2. Of course running water! It'd be too cold otherwise! A bath is number one on all of my wishlists. If we ever go somewhere for a holiday I always check if there is a bath - nearly every time there isn't one. :(

  3. the font and colour look just fine - and thanks for 'friending' me on ravelry :]

  4. 6. I used to learn Latin for fun. Quomodo nunc spadix bos?

    Ha! Me too. At a very, very basic level, but I did take annual leave from work once to attend the Latin Summer School at Sydney Uni ::g::