Monday, October 27, 2008

Bras and Abortions

Here are a few new things I feel convicted to get behind and support.

I found this fascinating charity: donating bras to women in the Pacific Islands. The way it works is that lightly used bras are given to these women (since new bras incur an import tax) who otherwise would never be able afford them.
Bras are a sign of status and cultured living in these areas and the lack of a bra is sometimes seen as a sign of poverty.

I think the idea is fabulous! Here's the information if anyone is interested in donating!


Recently at college we were treated to an incredible presentation by Melinda Tankard-Riest. She is a strong advocate for women's issues particularly against the sexualisation and objectification of women in today's society.

She spoke particularly on the issue of abortion. She was very revealing about the distinct lack of 'choice' in many women's decisions to have an abortion. In today's society it's more about the choice of the partner, the doctor, other family members or more shockingly society's choice to not have more unwanted children (or even children with disabilities).

She's written two books, Giving Sorrow Words and Defiant Birth. The first book gives a voice to women who have had an abortion but regret the decision. There is a lot of information out there that claims that there is no physical, emotion or spiritual harm done to women post-abortions. This book shows from a very personal viewpoint that there is such harm for many women. The second book records the stories of a number of families who have been pressured to have abortions because their in-utero children were deemed to have disabilities. All of them refusedand as a result experienced varied amounts of abuse and displeasure from their doctors, families and society at large.

Check them all out and definitely check out Women's Forum Australia. 

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