Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exams: blerk. Internet: yay!

I've got 7 exams coming up and I just handed in my last essay-type assessment for the year today. It wasn't really an essay but an exegetical - 1000 words on Psalm 116. Pretty interesting but the Hebrew was a bit boring - I found it difficult to get the full word count.

So, I should be studying, but oh my, are there so many pretties on the internet. I've been blog hopping for hours on end. I just love looking at what everyone is making, bookmarking it or favouriting the pattern if it's knit or crochet. But all my organization usually goes to waste since I never remember to go back and look at all the lovelies a second time to actually make them.

So here's some pretties to keep us all procrastinating:

My friend (can I say that? I've only emailed her twice I think) Marly got one of her crochet patterns published in Interweave Crochet. It's out now at the newsagents.

This place is pretty awesome: Vintage Sewing Patterns. I love looking at and collecting vintage patterns but haven't been very successful with modern patterns let along older style ones!

I want to make this bag - it looks so easy!

I would love to learn how to quilt like this: (From House on Hill Road)

I signed up for the Holiday KalCal again. I only got one entry in last year but still managed to score a book prize. I've got a few handmade Christmas projects coming up that I'll enter.

That's all for now. I need to get back to reading Philosophy. Blerk.

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