Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sewing love

We just had 2 weeks holidays from college and are currently in the second week of term 4. On holidays I like to laze around, watch DVDs, annoy my husband with laments about not actually leaving Sydney on holidays and just general craftiness. Every holiday, without fail, we have an essay due in the middle. That part is very painful but it does mean that you can work on it without other college obligations.

Last holidays I did a little sewing. I made this awesome bag that I just adore.

It's from Bend the Rules Sewing. I'm loving this book more and more. The linen outside fabrics are two 20cent teatowels. I got them separately on different occasions at our internal op-shop at college. Such a score. The inner fabric is some 100% cotton polkadot print from Lincraft.

The bag is a perfect size and the pocket works so well. I still love my other bag that I made from this book but this bag is much nicer since it's smaller.

I did attempt to make a skirt from this pattern. I bombed. Badly. I'm not sure what happened in terms of measurements - I thought I had it all figured out but it ended up looking horrendous so the fabric'll be scraps for a future quilt or bag.

I finally finished this top as well (Simplicity Pattern 4123). I started back last year and got frustrated with the yoke and hem binding. It was my first top to really follow a paper pattern all the way through and boy, did I learn things!

Right now I'm working on top pattern from OneSkein using some recycled yarn from a 100% cotton jumper. I'm really loving recycled yarn. I unravelled another jumper the other day and plan to make a shawl out of them once I've overdyed them.

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