Monday, February 9, 2009

Mong Mong

College registration day today. I sucessfully enrolled into New Testament, Old Testament, Christology, Advanced Topics in Biblical Greek and Exegesis, Church History, Congregational Ministry, Issues in Theology and Atonement. Whew. It's going to be an awesome year. 

This week will be catching up on Hebrew translation and attending a Congregational Ministry intensive. I'm hoping to continue working on some toe-up socks I started last month as well as work on a baby scrapbooking album for a friend and start my Korea scrapbook album.

This photo is from a night out with some of my students. We ate dog meat. Dogs say 'mong mong' in Korean (hence the post title). Dog meat isn't very nice at all but I guess, like the bondegi - when in Korea, eat like the Koreans!

ETA: I've been messing around with the HTML for my blog for a while and seem to have everything sort of sorted now. It's been tricky working it all out from trial and error and I probably have the least elegant code of all quasi-code monkeys in the world but it works and I'm happy. Having a hubby with a PhD in robotics hasn't really helped - he doesn't even know all the correct tags for this form of HTML!

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