Monday, March 9, 2009

For the love of books

Growing up I read a lot. I mean *a lot*. I get it from my dad. He's a chronic reader. He reads everything and anything. He's into a lot of fiction and just loves a good story. For me I think Dad's love of the mysterious has rubbed off on me the most. It's shown itself in my love of history books. But not the dry high school text books. I love first-hand accounts of historical and archaeological finds. I'm currently reading this: Lion Gate and Labyrinth by Hans Baumann. It's a biography of Schliemann and his discovery of Troy. It's fascinating. And so vintage-y. I adore book styles from the early to mid C20th.

 My favourite history book of all time is Dead Men Do Tell Tales by Byron De Porok. My dad gave this to me. It was a school present for him from 1959 for 'Most Improved'. The book is a first-hand account of travels through Africa in the early C20th and various archaeological discoveries of ancient African cultures. What an education I received at 15 when I first read this! I can now say that I know who Haile Selassie was!

I had always dreamed of being an archaeologist. I actually enrolled in a BA in Archaeology at LaTrobe Uni down in Melbourne. Ah, how things have changed. Now I'm a linguist/English teacher still doing tertiary education but now it's so that I can be a Bible translator!

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