Monday, March 30, 2009

I broke a knitting needle! Bah humbug

So once a year we have to go on a week long mission for Bible college. We don't cope very well with this activity. It's emotionally taxing and always involves activities that we feel ill-equipped to deal with but just have to do anyways. 

I guess it just comes with the territory of Christian work - there is always going to be things you don't want to do and people you don't want to talk to (not out of judgement but just pure exhaustion and lack of personal downtime and space). But it's all for a greater cause - telling people about Jesus which is always more important than my own personal comfort. 

But I need to get to the broken knitting needle story. 

So we don't own a car. We haven't for about 3 years due to a complete and utter lack of money. But we get by with public transport and scabbing lifts. But mission is next to impossible to do without a car since it's never near by and public transport never works out. So this year we borrowed a car from a college friend. 

And then we were involved in a car crash on the first day of mission and the car got totalled. *sigh* 
We were stationary and a guy crossed the double lanes and hit us at 60km/hr. We were propelled backwards and damaged the car behind as well. No one was hurt badly but Nathan got covered in glass. 

And my knitting needle broke in my bag. They were a really groovy pair from my Granny. 


  1. Wow. And this was the biggest casualty of the accident? Amazing. Glad you're ok. Sorry about the needle, but wow.

  2. I know - we were so lucky to have not been hurt any worse. Very lucky.

  3. Oh, that sucks about the needles and the car! Glad God was looking out for you though.