Thursday, July 22, 2010

ACE teaching

From January until July 2010 I was teaching at the Australian College of English (ACE). After I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics (Hons) I did a Graduate Certificate in Second Language Teaching. This is much higher qualification than those 4 week CELTA or TESOL courses that you often hear about. I started teaching English immediately after finishing university but then moved to Sydney in 2006 to start studying at Moore Theological College.

Teaching at ACE was a fantastic experience. I adored my students so much and as much as I taught them, they in turn taught me. I felt enriched to know such wonderful people and help them to understand the world around them in Australia as well as better equip them for working and living in an English speaking country. I had students from Asia, Europe and South America. I mainly taught the one class bringing them from Intermediate (12 weeks) and then three-quarters of the way into Upper-Intermediate (9 weeks). It was thrilling to see them develop and increase in knowledge and confidence in their English skills.

I never really thought that English teaching was for me. I'd always hoped and dreamed to work with languages but more with things like Bible translation. But I think this time has opened me up to the possibility of working with English students all over the world to teach and be taught as well as share my life with them as fellow learners and travellers.

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