Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello World :D

I've been posting for a little while over at TheCraftyApple but decided to make the change to this new blog called Rubicon. You can see that I've imported all of my old posts from the other blog to create a sense of continuation. In a way I will continue the old blog's content since it's all a reflection of my life so far: craft, study, travel and my faith in Jesus Christ.

2010, however, has been a year of huge change. After finishing our Bachelor of Divinity at Moore Theological College in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, we took jobs in our respective fields. I worked at the Australian College of English teaching English to overseas students. Nathan taught theology at Moore's night classes as well as at the Wesley Institute of Music. To actually earn money, however, Nathan was a programming consultant for Griffith University. All of this was part of our larger plan to work with the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in building up and encouraging Christians around the world in the areas of theological education and Bible translation.

We applied to CMS and through a long and arduous process were accepted in April 2010. This meant that we had to finish up our jobs in July 2010 so that we could move from Sydney to Melbourne, Victoria, for 5 months of training. On the 18th July we moved to Melbourne and have now had three days of training.

This training is largely made up of cross-cultural awareness, language learning techniques as well as a greater understanding of the people and culture of the respective countries we will be moving to next year. As of yet we do not know for certain where we will go but are firm in the fields that we want to work in.

So, that's a short summary of where we are at. It's been an incredible last 6 months of moving all over Sydney (from Parramatta to Drummoyne to Hornsby), working full-time (and more!) to moving interstate yet again.

It's been a blessing from God to be able to move here and to be involved in this journey. We are learning, growing and being challenged each day. It's so exciting to be finally understanding and seeing how our dreams are being fulfilled little by little. :D

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