Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sitting pretty in Melbourne

We've been here for three weeks now and it's been a whirlwind! Along with all my obligatory touristy travels we've had to study. What a bummer. ;p Our normal day is: get up at 9am for a class at 9:10am (so bizarre to live so close to school!!), class until 1pm which is when we have lunch, free time/study time/touristy travel time till 6pm which is when we have dinner. I know it looks like a breeze but we have a lot of cleaning/food prep duties and extra meetings like mentoring appointments, prayer groups, etc.

It's been so great to be able to study cross-cultural issues every day. Our classes range from understanding poverty from a Christian gospel perspective to how to do ethnography well. We have a pile of essays but they are awesome ones like 'social justice in Micah, Hosea and Amos' as well as a number of essays on your country placement in order to better prepare for living there.

Touristy travel-wise I've been all over the place. I'm really loving how close we are to the city! It's only a 15min tram ride but I might get more adventurous soon and ride a bicycle in. Melbourne is really set up well for bicycle travel! I've had a look around all the lovely laneways and tiny streets in the city as well as gone out as far as St Kilda beach for a look. We went to the National Gallery of Victoria as well as they had a European Masters exhibit on. I felt very knowledgeable on the transition from classical to impressionism but then it all fell out of my head the next day.

Our house is starting to look more like a home. And joy of all joys I've found some crafting outlets. I found this beautiful Lemair sewing machine languishing away in the creche room here at school. I can't find any manuals for it online but through trial and error I've figured out most of the buttons. I'm also going to a knitting meet with some fellow Melbourne knitters up in Brunswick. It'll be great to meet more people in Melbourne outside of my little circle.

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  1. They don't make sewing machines like this any more... what a find!!