Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dawson's Creek and Coffee

It's been go, go, go for a while now. I've been coping with the craziness by watching Dawson's Creek. Sappy, I know. But oh so lovely in its angst. I only saw seasons1-3 when I was at high school so missed a lot of the angst in university. I clearly remember the day when we talked at school at lunch time about this new TV show and how awesome it would be. Sitting on the concrete in front of the T1/T2 buildings, cross-legged pulling our skirts into our laps, eating Vegemite sandwiches and squinting in the sun. Dawson's Creek was us! Or at least we dreamed it was.

So the craziness has been missionary conferences, Christmas and New Year then more missionary conferences. When you get all determined to go to Africa to be useful and faithful with your skills and passions no one tells you about all this stuff you need to do in Australia first to educate, encourage and enlist people for God's mission. Oi vey. (I like using that phrase in print but rarely say it aloud. Internal Diane does though.)

My dodgy photograph of NYE fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Testing out all those cafes in Melbourne has turned me into a coffee-snob-wanna-be. I now think I know when coffee is burnt and only use sugar to mask the supposed burnt taste. I know, I know. Stupid isn't it? I prefer Earl Grey or Lady Grey most of the time so I haven't completely gone to the dark side.

Best scone in a flowerpot: Wayzgoose Cafe, Leura, NSW, Australia.

So cafes have been a nice haven to escape all the people. Magazines like Peppermint Mag have been useful distractions. As have knitting. And scanning all my dad's black and white photographs. I was bit by the photo conservation bug a while ago but never had the scanner available till now.

My paternal grandparents: Florance and Henry Walker.

We keep plodding along doing whatever is necessary to get us to Africa. I hope people drink coffee there and not just rooibos. :S

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