Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mac the Knife

I bought a MacBook Pro! I love it!

We'd been ummmming and ahhhhhhing for a quite a while about what we're going to do about computers when we move to South Africa. My Windows laptop is just over 4 years old and doing quite well (although it just starting to shut down at random times). However electronics are about 30% more expensive in South Africa and we were pretty certain that my laptop wouldn't last another 3 years especially with 3 trips a year to Zambia.

So despite the cost difference we could see so many great things about the MacBook Pros (battery life, new O/S, good software, user-friendlyness, ability to run Windows as well with Parallels).

It's been a steep learning curve in some ways especially with setting up Parallels - a program that will allow me to use all the Windows programs I already own as well as the new ones I assume Wycliffe will want me to use in the near future. Fortunately Nathan gets a huge kick out of doing this sort of stuff so he's done it all. He's getting ready for when we get his laptop. We're doing this buying process a little more slowly than we'd like so we can take advantage of duty-free privileges.

I've spent the last day and a half sewing up a little sleeve for the laptop to make travel easier in Zambia next week. I've got a serviceable computer bag which looks just like a computer bag so isn't really travel friendly.

I used this tutorial from Crap I've Made. It was a really good tutorial but I really don't deal very well with zippers so I had to do a bit of dodgy hand sewing to keep things in check around the zipper ends. On the whole though I'm ecstatic with how it turned out. The red fabric was from my mum's stash that I nicked in high school, the batting is made from two layers of my granny's dressing gown that I inherited, and the lining is a vintage pillowcase. I feel really great to use fabric I already had (including the zipper) as well as the fabric having sentimental meaning.

The plan is to slip the laptop with the sleeve into my oversized shoulder bag, have another small piece of hand luggage and check a small (cabin sized) rolling suitcase.

It's only a week now that I'll be going to Africa for the first time in my life. I'll be joining up with a ex-pat team in Lusaka, Zambia. We'll spend a week together getting to know each other and getting ready for the Bible translation workshop. We'll then travel 10hours to Mongu in the south-west of Zambia and set up in a campsite/guesthouse. Representatives from 5 languages will come and live on the campsite with us for 3 weeks. During this time we plan to help each group write down their language's alphabet for the first time and teach them oral stories about Jesus Christ.

It'll be a blast and I'm so excited and blessed!