Thursday, September 6, 2012

My babatjie

I'm in love. I feel like a teenager with fluttery feelings in my tummy. I miss her when I don't see her for a while. I cover her face in kisses when we see each other. I talk incessantly to her (not with her just yet!). I tell everyone how awesome she is. All. The. Time.

Yes, our little daughter arrived on 27th August. Shiri Abigail. Our sweet little daughter's first name is Hebrew for 'my song' from Psalm 28:7, and her second name also has a Hebrew meaning: 'my father's joy'. She brings so much joy and light and happiness to us. We're like love-sick puppies desperate to spend as much time with her as possible. Hanging off her every gurgle and snort. Yes. She snorts. Like a pig. And she sneezes in multiples - like her father.

I had never dreamed to feel this way. Never. The love, the overwhelming feeling of responsibility and expectation. Who is she? What will she do? What will she like and hate? What will make her smile?

It's comforting to know that God already knows. God has already pre-ordained every breath she takes and every day she lives. The name we took so long to choose for her was already chosen by God and will be the name she will have for all eternity.

Hello World. Welcome Shiri.


  1. She is absolutely adorable and you are absolutely BEAMING with joy! There is nothing quite like becoming a Mum. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks, Lara! She is such a cutie-pie!